Cemetery Preservation

The Limestone County Historical Commission has made cemetery preservation an important part of its preservation efforts.  Cemeteries can provide a great deal of information about the past.  They can reveal information about historical events, religious beliefs, lifestyles, and genealogy.  Cemeteries are often the last reminders of early communities, and grave markers serve as a directory of early residents and reflect the cultural diversity and population of an area. 


Unfortunately, historic cemeteries do not always remain permanent reminders of our heritage.  Through neglect and lack of maintenance they are subject to long term deterioration from natural forces such as weathering and uncontrolled vegetation.  The lack of fencing can allow cattle and other livestock to topple and break tombstones.  Development and construction projects can also be a threat.  In recent times, vandalism of cemeteries has been increasing as well.


The Limestone County Historical Commission's cemetery preservation program includes the following:

  • Promoting the Historic Texas Cemetery Designation program within the county
  • Completing applications for Historic Texas Cemetery Designation
  • Locating and mapping all known cemeteries in the county
  • Conducting surveys of all graves within each cemetery
  • Photographing every tombstone in each cemetery
  • Fencing unfenced cemeteries
  • Cleaning the most neglected cemeteries
  • Publishing a Limestone County cemetery book


Historic Texas Cemeteries in Limestone County

Click on the name of each cemetery to view a brief history.








Armour Cemetery 2007 Vol. 1228, Page 379
Bend Cemetery 2018 Instrument #20184273
Big Hill Cemetery 2006 Vol. 1194, Page 26
Billington Cemetery 2009 Vol.1308, Page 592
Brown Family Cemetery 2008 Vol. 1291, Page 712
Cobb Cemetery 2001 Vol. 1052, Page 428
Cox Cemetery 2002 Vol. 1093, Page 567
Delia Cemetery 2001 Vol. 1067, Page 481
Eaton Cemetery 2008 Vol. 1284, Page 834
Ebenezer Cemetery 2005 Vol. 1176, Page 824
Faulkenberry Cemetery 2003 Vol. 1123, Page 885
Ferguson Cemetery 2004 Vol. 1136, Page 419
Fort Parker Memorial Park 2012 Vol. 1385, Page 651
Gunter Cemetery 1999 Vol. 1015, Page 690
Hancock Cemetery 2018 Instrument #20183747
Hogan Cemetery 2001 Vol. 1062, Page 326
Hyden-Hughes Cemetery 2023 Instrument # 2023-0003871
King-Williams Cemetery 2006 Vol. 1209, Page 1
McKenzie Cemetery 2008 Vol. 1274, Page 109
Oakes Cemetery 2004 Vol. 1153, Page 286
Old Sandy Creek Cemetery 2004 Vol. 1139, Page 104
Personville Cemetery 2002 Vol. 1078, Page 888
Plummer Cemetery 2011 Vol. 1364, Page 10
Prairie Hill Cemetery 2012 Vol. 1391, Page 324
Shead Cemetery 2016 Instrument #20162475
Springfield Cemetery 2007 Vol. 1254, Page 876
Tehuacana Cemetery 2019 Instrument #20194421
Vinson Cemetery 2008 Vol. 1298, Page 409

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