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Ferguson Cemetery

Ferguson Cemetery is located 2 miles southeast of Oletha on LCR 740.  It is well maintained and is still accepting burials.

Joseph and Hannah Penrod Ferguson moved to the area in the 1830s, years before the formation of Limestone County.  Their 4,600-acre land grant, which stretched from south of the present-day Box Church community to south of the present-day community of Oletha.  Records indicate the Fergusons were founding members of the Oletha community, established in the 1870s.  Other early residents include J. S. and W. S. McKenzie, John Sadler, Charles Roberts, and W. W. Barnett.  Local tradition holds that the first burial at what became the community cemetery was for a young girl whose family was in the area for a protracted camp revival when she died. 

The oldest marked grave in the cemetery is that of Hannah Penrod Ferguson who died on August 27, 1866.  Joseph Ferguson died on March 18, 1875 and is buried beside her.  Notable burials include that of John Sadler, who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution.  He died on April 18, 1885.  It is believed that there are several unmarked graves and many graves that are marked only with rocks or stones.

Joseph Ferguson gave two acres for the original part of the cemetery.  On July 23, 1932, one acre was sold to Mrs. Lou Sadler, cemetery committee representative, for $1.00 by George C. Barnett.  In 1970, Burnice and Paralee Lindley gave an easement for an entrance to the cemetery.  In 1997, descendants of those interred there formed an association to maintain the cemetery.

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