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Telitha Berryman Powell

Telitha Berryman was born in Tennessee circa 1805.  Her husband, Archibald G. Powell, was born in Virginia circa 1795.  Archibald was the son of John G. Powell and sometime during his childhood, the Powell Family settled in Tennessee where he would later meet and marry Telitha.  Archibald and Telitha continued to reside in Tennessee where their four children, Mahala (b. 1821), Mary Ann (January 2, 1823-July 9, 1903), Missouri Ann (1825-1872), and Francis Marion (b. 1828), were born.


According to their grandson, Hampton Steele, Archibald and Telitha moved their family to Texas in 1833.  In a speech delivered on Steele Day at the Joe Johnston Camp (Confederate Reunion Grounds) on July 26, 1923, Mr. Steele said, “Then there was a colony of people that made arrangements to come to Texas.  There were the Powells, Grimes, Berrymans, McIntires, and Montgomerys.  They all came out together.  It was a long trip by wagons but they came along just the same.  They got to the Sabine on Christmas Eve.  There they camped for the night.  The next morning they crossed the river and then they were in Texas.  Mother (Mary Ann Powell Steele) says she ate Christmas dinner in Texas 1833.  They moved on until they got to where Grimes County is now.  They stopped there and built cabins.”


Archibald received a land grant on August 31, 1835 in Robertson’s Colony, 3187.8 acres in present-day Limestone County and 1062.6 acres in present-day Falls County.  There is no documentation that Archibald ever lived in Limestone or Falls Counties, but settled his family in Grimes County where he lived the remainder of his life.  During the time of the Republic of Texas, Archibald and his brother, James W., contracted with the government to deliver mail.


Archibald and Telitha’s oldest daughter, Mahala, married William McIntire in Grimes County, date unknown.  She died a few years after their marriage leaving no children.


Mary Ann, Archibald and Telitha’s second daughter, married Alfonso Steele in Grimes County on September 27, 1838.  They migrated to Limestone County in 1844.  They had ten children: Hampton, Alonzo, Alvarado “Rado”, Francis “Frank”, Leonard A., Mary Ann, Alice M. and three children who died in infancy.  Mary Ann died on May 9, 1903.


Archibald and Telitha’s third daughter, Missouri Ann, married John Anglin, the son of Elisha Anglin, on May 19, 1842 in Grimes County.  They also settled in Limestone County and had 10 children: Telitha, Nancy Victoria, James, Valentine, Mary Elizabeth, Rebecca, Elisha, Elizabeth Ann, Silas, and a son who died in infancy.  Missouri Ann died in 1872.


Archibald and Telitha’s son, Francis Marion, was named for the American Revolutionary War hero and must have died before reaching adulthood.  At the age of 8, he is listed by name in one document, but no other documents have been found at this time.


Texas land records indicate that Archibald Powell may have died prior to 1846.  A death date of May 4, 1843 is given by one source, but no primary documentation is cited.  After Archibald’s death, Telitha moved to Limestone County.  Her grandson, Hampton Steele, wrote, “Grandfather Powell died at Grimes Prairie, Grimes County, Texas.  I do not have the date of his death.  Grandmother Powell after Grandfather Powell’s death made her home at Uncle John Anglin’s part of the time and at our house part of the time.  She died at our home about the year 1847 or 1848.  She was amongst the first to be buried at the old Louisville cemetery which is now called Glenwood cemetery.”  The Glenwood Cemetery to which he refers is now known as Fort Parker Memorial Park.  Telitha’s exact place of burial within the cemetery has been lost to time.


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