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Sia Phillips

Sia Phillips was born into slavery circa 1825 in Alabama.  He came to Texas in 1837 as a slave of the Stroud Family.  In Walter Cotton’s book, A Negro History of Limestone County, Tamer Phillips is listed as his wife.  Their children are listed as Sam, Exie, Box, Kelo, Puss, Crockett, Ailder (Alda), and Neloc.  After emancipation, the family remained in the area.  The 1870 census shows Sia living in the southern part of Limestone County with two daughters, Alda and Dora (possibly Puss), and his sons Crockett and Kelo.  Kelo’s wife, Anna, and their one-year old son, George, are also living in the home.  Sia’s wife, Tamer, must have died prior to 1870 since she is not listed.   The date of Sia’s death is also not known.  No other records have been found at this time and marked graves for him and Tamer cannot be located.  Many of their descendants currently live in Limestone County.

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